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People are often unsure of the difference between coaching and counseling, so here is our best attempt at a simplified explanation.  Counseling is useful for addressing the ways in which one’s life is being negatively impacted in the present due to past or present events and for obtaining support as one moves from hurt or mental illness to healing.  Coaching is useful for charting a future course, identifying and overcoming road blocks, and moving toward identified future goals in positive ways.  Both coaching and counseling clients benefit from learning new skills for managing life, coping with issues, and positively reframing the future.

Due to an intense desire to encourage people to build strong marriages and families, my husband, Tim, and I began an entrepreneurial endeavor in 2012 called Marriage Guy and Gal, LLC.  Services we offer include the conducting of marriage preparation sessions for engaged couples, speaking to groups on various marriage topics, and providing marriage and life coaching for both couples and individuals.   Our training and experience in coaching includes coursework through Light University, leading both parenting and marriage groups, and conducting coaching sessions through our church’s family center.

Additionally, I, Michelle, am a Master’s level therapist, which means that I am also trained to provide professional counseling.  However, because our children are only going to be young for this precious season of time, I have decided to wait to pursue my counseling licensure due to the intense time commitment required to do so.  While this means that I am not able to accept insurance, we work to make both coaching and counseling sessions affordable to as many people as possible, since we know you are paying out of your own pocket.  Due to this, we offer reasonable individual session rates and discounted package session rates, and primarily provide sessions via virtual means through the use of Skype, Web-ex, telephone, and e-mail.

While we welcome all, please understand that our coaching and counseling is based on a Christian worldview.

We look forward to working with you!

Please contact us to learn more about or to schedule our services.

Phone: 724-980-3307





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