Falling in love is great, but so many couples plan for the wedding and not the marriage!

Committing to doing life together is a huge step for your relationship, and getting off to a healthy start can help you to build a solid foundation for the years to come.

Tim & Michelle’s presentation provided excellent advice on how to sustain a God centered marriage. Their message is encouraging and heartfelt for anyone who is newly married or has many marriage miles.” 

–Jen L., MOPS Coordinator

When you work with Marriage Guy and Gal, LLC for your marriage preparation, you get both the male and the female perspective from us, as we (Tim and Michelle, aka the Marriage Guy and Gal) coach you together in each couple-to-couple hour-long session, set at a time convenient to you, through virtual means.

Pre-Marriage Basic Preparation Package :

In 5 sessions (each 1 hour in length), we help you to:

Identify each other’s Dreams, Desires, and Beliefs about Marriage &  Establish a Common Vision for your New Family

Develop Positive Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills

Identify and positively address any current concerns or potential problem issues

Plan for Spiritual Growth, Financial Health, and Marital Intimacy


Learn more about each other through a scientifically based assessment and discussion with us (certified Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) administrators) about your resulting 15-page personalized document to help you learn more about how to effectively blend your two lives as one.

* Additional sessions can be purchased for a separate fee, should you like to work further on any area.


Contact us to learn more about how we can help you to prepare

for a marriage that will go-the-distance! Call: 724-980-3307, or Click here.



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